Create ESL Speaking Activities for Your Christmas Lesson Plans


Christmas is coming, so it’s time to create this magical holiday spirit in your classes! Why not achieve two goals in one go and work on improving your students’ speaking skills? 

There are countless captivating topics to discuss about Christmas, but you need to make the tasks suitable for your students’ level and you need to think how to arrange them. Sounds pretty discouraging, but hold on 😉

This is where Twee comes into play for you. Twee offers a comprehensive set of AI teaching tools to promote speaking skills in your students. All the tools can create materials for ESL students at any proficiency level based on CEFR. Let’s check them out!

Discussion Questions

Classics comes first. Foster a lively discussion about creating a holiday mood, for example. Get 10 questions for it in the “Discussion Questions” tool by entering a topic in the input field. You can also add some words that you want to see in these questions. Paste them in the “Target Vocabulary” box. Buckle up for some deep conversations!

Interesting Facts 

Your ESL students probably know a lot about Christmas traditions but there is always something more to learn. Find 10 unusual facts about Christmas in different countries. You can use these facts as an icebreaker, true/false quiz, or as topics for discussion.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Another cool idea is to create a list of advantages and disadvantages of celebrating Christmas with your extended family. You can share this list with your students and ask them to add a few points to both pros and cons or get them prepared for a discussion or even debates 😃

Quotes by Famous People on a Certain Topic

Why not start your lesson with a Christmas quote displayed on the board or slide to set the mood of the class?

But that’s not the only way to use quotes in your ESL lessons. Get 5 quotes about Christmas in Twee’s “Famous Quotes” tool and ask students to choose a quote that resonates with them and explain why they agree or disagree with it. Encourage students to provide examples from their own experiences to support their opinions.

Four Opinions

Learning how to express your opinion in ESL is vital because it allows learners to effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Ask Twee to create 4 opinions by random people on any topic related to Christmas. For example, whether it’s necessary to buy a Christmas gift for your boss or how important it is to remember that Christmas is a religious holiday. Use them to create ESL speaking practice activities that will encourage students to express their own opinion in English and come up with arguments when participating in real-life conversations.

Link Words into Sentences

Make it a game! Generate a speaking prompt consisting of 3 words on a Christmas-related topic of your choice and have your student come up with unique sentences by logically connecting the words given in each prompt. Use the “Link words into sentences” tool to get the task ready in literally a couple of seconds 🤓

Download our ready Christmas lesson plans and sign up at to create your own holiday lessons. Boost student engagement and create a magical holiday atmosphere in your classroom with Twee.