Top 3 ESL Warm-up Activities in 3 Minutes with Twee AI Tools


Turn Discussion Questions into a Warm-Up Game

One effective way to engage students in a warm-up activity is by creating discussion questions on the topic of the lesson in the “Discussion Questions” tool and mixing up all the words in them in the “Scramble the words” tool. Once the questions have been unscrambled, students can answer them in pairs. This combo brings a little bit of challenge into the task and gets your students ready for the main topic of the lesson.

Who Said that “Fill in the Gap” Can’t Be a Fun Warm Up Activity?

Another great combination of Twee tools for warm-up activities is to get a list of pros and cons of something in the “Advantages and Disadvantages” tool and make gaps in them in the “Fill in the Gap” tool. You can then ask your students to fill in the missing words or phrases. This activity not only encourages critical thinking but also prompts students to use the vocabulary they will encounter in the upcoming lesson.

Create a quiz for your ESL students

Finally, let’s talk about this dynamite duo: “Find Facts” and “ABCD Questions”. It’s quite simple really. Just begin by generating a list of 10 facts on any topic in the “Fand Facts” tool. Once you’ve got that, pop these facts into the “ABCD Questions” tool. Now this is the cool part, you’ll instantly see how much your students already know about the subject. It’s a great way to engage students at the beginning of a lesson.

So there you have it! Three amazing Twee tool combos to jazz up your warm-up ESL activities. Give them a try at and watch your students get fired up for class.