Fair Use Policy


At Twee, we are committed to offering a diverse range of AI-powered tools for English teachers worldwide. We aim to provide consistent, high-quality service to all our users. To maintain this quality, we have implemented the following Fair Use Policy.

User Responsibilities:

We expect all users to utilize our services responsibly, without negatively impacting the experience for others. Please select a plan that aligns with your professional needs and the size of your institution. If you consistently exceed the limits of your chosen plan, consider upgrading or opting for a custom solution.

Tool Limitations:

Text Tools: These tools are available for reasonable usage to prepare lessons for your classes or individual students. If your payment plan offers the “Unlimited” usage of such tools, it means we do not specify an exact number of runs per month, however, we reserve the right to monitor usage and take corrective action if we find abnormal patterns.

Media Tools: These are specialized tools related to YouTube and other advanced functionalities. If your payment plan offers 100 runs / month, it means that you can click “Do the magic” 100 times and get 100 outputs per month maximum.

Monitoring and Enforcement:

We actively monitor usage to ensure the quality and safety of our services. Sharing login credentials for financial gain is strictly against our policy, and each subscription is intended for the stipulated number of seats only.

Actions for Unfair Use:

If you are found to be using our services unfairly, we reserve the right to take one or more of the following actions, with or without prior notice:

  • Limit access speed or service functionality.
  • Suspend or terminate your account.
  • Mandate an upgrade or switch to a custom plan that better suits your usage patterns.


Failure to adhere to this Fair Use Policy may result in restricted or terminated service, without the possibility of a refund.

Policy Changes:

We may revise this Fair Use Policy as needed. Changes will be effective upon posting on our website, and your continued use of our services constitutes agreement to any updated policy.