Pricing Plans

Try Twee 🤗

Forever Free

  • 20 runs / month for Text Tools
  • 10 runs / month for Media Tools
  • 5-min input limit on media
  • Export to pdf

Twee Pro 💪


/ month

$15 / month if paid annually

  • Unlimited* runs for Text Tools
  • 100 runs / month for Media Tools
  • 10-min input limit on media
  • Export to pdf

Twee Schools 🏫

Annual only

  • Multiple Teachers
  • Unlimited* Text Tools
  • 100 runs / month for Media Tools
  • 10-min input limit on media
  • Export to pdf
  • Personal Support

Compare Features

FeaturesTry Twee 🤗Twee Pro 💪Twee Schools 🏫
Text Tools20 runs / monthUnlimited*Unlimited*
Media Tools10 runs / month100 runs / month100 runs / month / teacher
Input limit on media5 min10 min10 min
Multiple SeatsNot availableNot availableAvailable
Export to pdfAvailableAvailableAvailable
Extract text from an imageAvailableAvailableAvailable


😡 Unlimited… Ah, There’s Always That Tiny Asterisk!

No worries! If you’re using Twee just the way it’s intended, you won’t bump into any limits.
However, we do have a fair use policy to keep things smooth for everyone. It’s simple: Don’t share your account and don’t go overboard with tools without reason. Stick to that, and the sky’s the limit. Thanks for being with us and making the most of what we offer!

🤔 Could you explain the Fair Use policy?

Certainly! Fair use ensures that Twee is used primarily for creating teaching materials. It also ensures that an account isn’t used by multiple individuals. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll be in the clear.

🤨 Is it okay if I share my account with a colleague?

We appreciate the spirit of sharing, but our accounts are designed for individual use. However, for larger teams, we have a school account option that provides multiple seats.

🙁 I’ve changed my mind. Are refunds possible?

We’re sorry to hear that. However, our policy is clear: we don’t offer refunds. We recommend exploring our tools thoroughly before committing.

🧐 What exactly are the “Text Tools”?

Great question! Text Tools are designed to work with textual content. You input text, and these tools assist you in various ways to enhance and manage it.

🎥 And the “Media Tools”?

Media Tools focus on multimedia content. Whether you’re working with videos, audios, or other forms of media, these tools are designed to help you make the most of it.