5 Christmas Activities for Your ESL Lesson in Under 10 Minutes


P.S. And these are also perfect if you have these annoying 5-10 minutes left at the end of the class when your students have (oh no!) managed to go through the lesson plan too quickly.

Idea 1 – Christmas Group Activities based on Youtube Shorts

CEFR levels: A2 and above

Split your students into pairs. Give each pair a piece of Christmas wrapping paper and ask them to come up with as many creative ways as possible to reuse it instead of throwing it away. They can write or draw their ideas on the paper itself. After 5 minutes, have each pair share their ideas with the class.

Idea 2 – Reddit Christmas Activity for Adults

CEFR levels: B2 and above

In the “Four Opinions” tool generate opinions about giving Christmas presents in a professional setting. You might need to do this a couple of times to get as many as you need. Pick only the ones that show uncertainty and present them to your students as Reddit posts or social media comments. Ask your learners to give urgent advice!

Idea 3 – Christmas Invitations on Facebook

CEFR levels: B1 and above

Idea 4 – Christmas Game: Link the Words

CEFR levels: B1 and above

As for this one, you can literally create it in under 30 seconds! Just go to “Link the words” tool, type in “Christmas” and get 10 short speaking prompts for your students. Ask them to connect the words into sentences about the festive season, presents, Santa or whatever, as fast as they can!

Idea 5 – Just Sing a Song

CEFR levels: A2 and above

Find the lyrics of any Christmas song online, turn them into a fill-in-the-gap exercise (in the “Fill in the Gap” tool 😉) in a couple of clicks and create a fun listening + singing activity. Great for young and adult learners alike.

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